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Gauteng Sangoma’s TikTok Backflips and Karate Video Draws SA Mockery



Gauteng Sangoma's TikTok Backflips and Karate Video Draws SA Mockery

A gobela in Gauteng has urged fellow gobelas to initiate ama2000. During one of her thwasa initiations, a young man displayed his incredible flexibility and enthusiasm for his ancestral calling by performing somersaults and backflips as reported by Briefly.

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The TikTok video, posted by @noxolonyamazanezu, captures the thwasa’s surprising and energetic antics, defying the usual expectations associated with a sangoma initiate. It’s a humorous and unexpected twist in the journey of embracing the sangoma calling.

@noxolonyamazanezu♬ original sound – Uncle Dlala 👑

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Photo: Facebook / @ Briefly – South African News

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