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Gauteng Launches Registration Process for Secure Vehicle Number Plates



Vehicle Number Plates

Gauteng’s MEC for Transport and Logistics, Kedibone Diale-Tlabela, has recently initiated the registration process for vehicle number plate manufacturers, marking a significant step in the Gauteng Provincial Government’s comprehensive plan to address crime, corruption, vandalism, and lawlessness within the province.

Recognising the need to ensure compliance with the law, Diale-Tlabela emphasised the importance of regulating manufacturers and embossers of number plates as reported by MyBroadBand. Previous experiences have revealed the challenges posed by non-compliant number plates, compromising safety, fueling vehicle-related crime, and undermining accountability from manufacturers.

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Premier Panyaza Lesufi further underlined the province’s commitment to combatting criminal activities during the State-of-the-Province address in February 2023. In this address, he announced the introduction of new number plates featuring enhanced security features that would deter criminals from engaging in illegal activities.

In line with the National Road Traffic Act’s Section 5, the act strictly prohibits manufacturers from producing, selling, or distributing number plates without proper registration. With this in mind, the Department of Transport and Logistics is proactively securing the entire value chain, encompassing manufacturing to distribution, to instill confidence among motor vehicle owners regarding the authenticity and quality of their number plates.


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