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Gauteng Health Responds to Capture of Alleged Bogus Dr. Matthew Lani at Helen Joseph Hospital



capture of Matthew Lani

The Gauteng Department of Health (GDoH) has stated in response to the capture of Matthew Lani by security personnel at Helen Joseph Hospital on October 29. As per the South African Government, security apprehended him when he entered the hospital through its main entrance.

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Lani was intercepted shortly before 8 p.m. Security discovered he had previously gained unauthorised access. He has repeatedly used the facility to create deceptive content under the pretence of being a qualified doctor.

Upon his initial apprehension, Lani asked to use the bathroom, only to make a desperate escape attempt by jumping through a bathroom window. Recognising his escape, the security personnel promptly called for reinforcements, successfully recapturing him. The police were immediately summoned, and Lani was handed over for an official arrest.

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