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Gold One Miners’ Union Rivalry Sparks Operational Halt, Threatening Amplified Strike



Gold One miners threaten to strike

Gold One miners are threatening to strike. Amidst rising tensions and union rivalry, operations at the Gold One Modder East mine are threatened as workers, advocating for the recognition of the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU), threaten amplified strikes if not granted recognition by the end of Friday.

EWN reports that the mine, recently entangled in a three-day hostage drama with over 500 workers, is now facing a fresh wage dispute and operational uncertainty.

Under the existing closed-shop agreement since 2012, the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) holds exclusive representation status. Workers are now demanding recognition for AMCU, challenging the current status quo.

Allegations of unfair dismissals of workers involved in the October demonstration have added fuel to the dispute, with workers giving Gold One until the close of business on Friday to conduct the balloting process or face heightened industrial action.

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The potential shift in union representation could have significant consequences for the mine, which is still recovering from the costs of the previous shutdown. If the balloting process proceeds, it might lead to a new majority union at Gold One.

In addition to labour concerns, there are safety fears following a tip-off about another potential hostage situation, prompting discussions of cancelling shifts for the entire week.

AMCU, amidst the escalating tensions, assures its members will cooperate and not engage in dangerous situations, emphasising communication with its members to avoid a repeat of the recent incident where workers did not resurface after their shift.

The renewed dispute over union representation and the threat of industrial action pose substantial challenges for Gold One regarding operational disruptions and potential financial implications.

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