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Fear of Building Collapse Grips School Community



Goudrand Pre-Primary

The deteriorating state of an abandoned building near Goudrand Pre-Primary in Boksburg North is causing growing concern, with fears rising over a potential collapse. Despite promises from the provincial government to demolish the old Martin School structure, located at the corner of Eighth Street and Fifth Avenue, it remains a hotspot for criminal activity, unsettling residents.

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Urgent appeals from the community highlight the necessity of demolishing the building to tackle crime and enhance safety. The structure, frequented by vagrants, has become a magnet for criminal behaviour, prompting calls for immediate action. While local law enforcement and community security groups intensify efforts, ongoing challenges emphasise the need for decisive measures.

Residents’ ongoing anxiety underscores the importance of authorities fulfilling commitments to address the issue promptly. As the community awaits updates from the Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development, concerns persist regarding safety, particularly for children attending nearby schools.

Source: WATCH: School fears building will collapse


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Picture: Meta / Boksburg Advertiser

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