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Ravaging Hailstorm Strikes Midrand and Other Parts of Johannesburg



hailstorm in parts of johannesburg

Last night, Monday, 13 November, witnessed a hailstorm in parts of Johannesburg, particularly Midrand and other northern areas.

Midrand Hit Hard by Hailstorm

According to SA People, Midrand, in particular, bore the brunt of an unexpected hailstorm, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Reports indicate that Alexandra also experienced its fair share of destructive weather.

Properties and vehicles in Midrand fell victim to hailstones the size of golf balls. The storm’s intensity made some roads impassable, blocked by hail and debris from the havoc.


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Eyewitness Account

Tendai Bruce Mubayiwa, a resident affected by the hailstorm, shared his harrowing experience: “We just had a very bad hailstorm in Midrand. This is one of the worst I have experienced. For a minute I feared hail would blast through the roofing tiles. It was loud and terrifying. This was a scary experience. Unfortunately, one of my neighbours was stuck in traffic during the hailstorm. He is fine but his car has some broken windows.”

More than 1000 vehicles reportedly suffered damage from the freak hailstorm. Fortunately, no fatalities or serious injuries have been reported thus far.


Tornado Tears Through Standerton

This disaster follows another natural phenomenon – a tornado that emerged on Monday in Standerton, Mpumalanga. Residents witnessed a violent rotating column of air near Tutuka Power Station.

Although the tornado didn’t approach nearby residential areas, concerns mounted for the power station. A subsequent heavy storm inundated the town, causing flooding, especially between Standerton and Bethal. The community now faces the daunting task of recovery from these unexpected and destructive weather events.

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Picture: Facebook / Brighton Buthanelwa Sibanda


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