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From futuristic libraries to towering skyscrapers – 7 of SA’s hottest new buildings



hottest new buildings in SA

South Africa boasts the world’s most innovative and creative architecture, from eco-friendly schools to luxurious apartment buildings. According to News24, Among the latest architectural wonders are some of the hottest new buildings in SA between 2019 and now. Although this list is not exhaustive, it provides a glimpse into the level of innovation and craftsmanship South African architecture firms offer.

One of the most visually striking and bold structures on the list is the Ode to Oak Pavilion at the Country Club Johannesburg (CCJ) in Auckland Park. This visually appealing structure has a roof that creates a voluminous space while feeling intimate. Rebel Base Collective, the architects behind the pavilion, said that they aimed to create a refined piece of architecture that would address all the club’s practical needs and the challenges posed by its heritage, both structurally and socially.

Another new addition is the Herschel Atrium Extension, completed by Cape Town-based KLG Architects, who are particularly interested in educational architecture. This new addition is an example of their expertise in this area, with the central atrium space harnessing natural light through the carefully detailed roof space, which theatrically washes the hall with the changes of the day. According to KLG Architects, the design fits timelessly in the area and works coherently with the existing building, adding a current valuable asset to the school’s portfolio.

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The Westbury Transformation and Development Centre by Ntsika Architects is a social development facility located in Westbury, Johannesburg, completed by one of the few 100% black female-owned and run architecture firms in the country. The project focused on developing a sustainable approach to create innovative, hybrid architecture from a local material palette, including concrete, indigenous timber, clay bricks, and steel. The building accommodates an early childhood development centre, a daycare facility for senior citizens, a sports hall for the youth and the community, vegetable gardens, a laboratory, and a retail space. Ntsika Architects said that the building is a beacon of hope and an investment in the future of the marginalised community in which it was built.


Other noteworthy new buildings include the Doxa Chapel by Neo Architects, a unique and minimalist white chapel in Pretoria on the Doxa Deo Campus in Brooklyn. Green School South Africa by GASS Architecture Studios, located in Paarl, Western Cape, is another notable structure that fosters entrepreneurial learning on a campus surrounded by majestic mountains. Lastly, the Flamingo Holiday Apartments by Robert Silke and Partners is a visually stunning building reminiscent of cities such as Miami and Rio de Janeiro. It has holiday apartments between 25m2 to 29m2 and spans nine stories.

The Thabo Mbeki Presidential Library, yet to be completed, will be situated in Riviera, Johannesburg. The library will consist of eight granary-style domes. It will host a variety of functions, including a museum, temporary exhibition space, research centre and special collections, auditorium, women’s empowerment centre, reading room, shop, cafeteria, digital experience space, seminar rooms, office space, and an archive centre. These and other buildings demonstrate that South Africa’s architectural landscape constantly evolves and pushes the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

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