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Police Cell Horror: Inmate Accused of Illegal Immigration Faces New Allegation of Rape



illegal immigrant raped

In a shocking incident at the Springs Police Station, an illegal immigrant raped another one in prison on Monday. A 21-year-old Mozambican national was arrested in Springs and was placed in the police holding cells. He encountered a Nigerian inmate there, who threatened him with violence, forced him into silence, and sexually assaulted him.

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The distressing ordeal continued later in the evening after supper when the same inmate allegedly raped the victim again. Fearing that the inmate might understand English, the victim refrained from reporting the incidents during the day. It was only during the evening’s routine patrol that the victim, hearing a night duty police officer speaking a language he understood, decided to disclose the traumatic events.

The Ekurhuleni SAPS spokesperson, Captain Nelda Sekgobela, confirmed that a case of rape is currently under investigation. Officers took the victim to hospital for a check-up and treatment. The rapist appeared at the Spring Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

Source: Man in jail for illegal immigration allegedly rapes another in police cell


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