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Increase in Toyota bakkie theft in Centurion raises concerns



Increase in Toyota bakkies theft in Centurion

An alarming increase in Toyota bakkie thefts in Centurion has prompted a warning from the police. According to law enforcement officials, criminals have explicitly targeted Toyota bakkies more than any other type in the area.

Captain Dave Miller, the spokesperson for Centurion police, spoke to Rekord about this concerning trend. He revealed that the criminals were focusing on hijacking these vehicles at off-ramps, taking advantage of situations where drivers could not easily make a U-turn.

“We are noticing a significant rise in the number of Toyota bakkie hijackings on the freeways towards off-ramps. Another major concern for our station is truck hijackings,” Miller explained.

Interestingly, unlike neighbouring police stations, Centurion has not seen a surge in hijackings at traffic lights. Miller also mentioned that Ford bakkies were another popular target for hijackings, although not to the same extent as Toyota bakkies.

“Typically, criminals tend to target company cars,” he added.


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JP Le Roux, the public relations officer for Monitor Net Security, confirmed the issue of vehicle theft in Centurion. However, he emphasised that these hijackings were not occurring daily.

“In the security sector, we have observed that criminals are particularly interested in Toyota Hilux and Ford vans, and more recently, Lexus vehicles have also been targeted,” Le Roux disclosed.

Le Roux also cautioned residents to remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings. In addition, he highlighted the importance of carefully choosing parking locations, as this could also contribute to the risk of hijacking.

Recent reports have indicated that criminals focus on stealing the most popular car models due to the high demand for their parts. Additionally, statistics suggest that hijackings account for 54% of vehicle thefts between 5:00 am and noon and 47% during lunchtime.


With the increase in Toyota bakkie thefts in Centurion, residents should take the necessary precautions and stay informed to protect themselves and their vehicles from falling victim to these criminal activities.

Source: Increase in Toyota bakkies theft in Centurion

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