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Joburg Mayor Backtracks on Loan Proposal Statement



joburg mayor clarifies remarks on loan proposal to city

The Executive Mayor of the City of Johannesburg, Counsellor Thapelo Amad, has clarified remarks made during an interview on SABC regarding a loan to the City of R 9.5 billion. According to the CityofJoburgZA, the Mayor’s comments referred to various discussions and numerous unsolicited proposals received by the City from multiple stakeholders.

The loan proposal mentioned is just one of many unsolicited proposals received following reports on the City’s financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent economic impact on ratepayers and the City. The Mayor used the R9.5 billion loan facility as an example of the proposals received. It was not stated as a final and concluded deal for the City. Instead, the Mayor used the loan facility to demonstrate the collective will of the City leadership to steer Johannesburg towards growth and development.

The City processes all proposals according to the legal requirements applicable to the local government. It considers them with the relevant portfolio MMCs and departments. The Mayor and the Mayoral Committee remain committed to achieving a thriving City with stable finances, efficient service delivery, and an improved standard of living for Johannesburg’s residents.

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Picture: Twitter / MorningLiveSABC

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