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Joburg Mayor Assures Support for Westbury Community



Joburg Mayor has pledged his support to Westbury

The Joburg Mayor has pledged his support to Westbury. The MMC for public safety, Mgcini Tshwaku, also pledged his support. These pledges follow Minister Bheki Cele’s efforts to address gang violence in Westbury, resulting in the loss of two lives and at least 11 others injured. IOL reported that on Tuesday, the crime prevention imbizo held at the Westbury Recreation Centre was attended by both Amad and Tshwaku, along with Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi and MEC Faith Mazibuko. The community members shared their harrowing stories, stating that they feel alone and that their young people are joining gangs to survive.Melissa Davids, a Westbury resident and dance teacher, urged government leaders to act and provide community opportunities instead of making empty promises. She requested assistance for the people fighting social problems with little or no support from the government. Since the Joburg Mayor has pledged his support to Westbury, he has stated that the recent rise in gang activity led to public consultation and was willing to work with the community to solve the problem.

Cele emphasised that no one should be afraid to move around freely due to gang violence, and the police will use force to restore peace in the community. He also promised to deal harshly with corrupt police officers and send detectives to resolve outstanding cases. The notorious Tactical Response Team (TRT) will join the policing teams in Westbury to combat gang violence. Amad assured the community that the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department would work with the SAPS to prevent and defeat crime.

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Picture: Facebook / DAGautengLegislature

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