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Three City Power Substations Impacted After Explosion in Johannesburg CBD



Johannesburg explosion affected 3 City Power substations

The Johannesburg explosion affected 3 City Power substations, leaving some residents in darkness after the incident on Wednesday, July 19. According to City Power spokesperson Isaac Mangena, the Bree, Braamfontein, and Johnware substations are offline until the Joint Command Team comprising CoJ Emergency Services, Disaster Management, and other CoJ and Provincial units deem it safe to resume operations.

Mangena stated that while initial assessments indicated that the substations were not immediately impacted after the explosion at around 17h30, load-shedding occurred from 18h00 until 20h00 as a precautionary measure due to a suspected gas leak in the area. He expressed concern over the Bree substation’s structural integrity, which is close to the site of the significant impact.

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Engineers and technicians are working to determine the damage to the electricity infrastructure. A City Power employee was injured during the explosion while on her way to work and is now in hospital.

The utility company reiterated that they would only respond to outage calls in the CBD once the area is declared safe for access and work. Regular updates on electricity supply and all impacted services, including electricity, will be provided to residents by the City of Joburg leadership.


Source: 3 City Power substations affected following explosion in Joburg CBD

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