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Johannesburg Resident, 82, Fills Over 50 Potholes in His Spare Time



In a heartwarming display of community spirit, an 82-year-old resident of Johannesburg has taken it upon himself to fix the potholes in his neighbourhood. Rainer Dixel, who has lived in South Africa since he was 27, has fixed over 50 potholes, paying for all the materials and doing all the work alone as reported by the Good Things Guy.

Dixel is driven by a determination to enhance the safety of the roads in his vicinity. The rise of potholes in South Africa has created a significant issue, leading to car damage and contributing to accidents. In fact, recent reports indicate that the country’s roads currently have an estimated 25 million potholes, surpassing the estimated number of households in the nation, a startling figure that highlights the magnitude of the problem.

Dixel’s daughter, Candy Dixel, affectionately calls him the “King of Potholes” for his tireless efforts to improve the state of the roads. She explains that her father is committed to being an “active citizen” in South Africa and encourages others to take action to make a difference in their communities.

Dixel’s story is a powerful reminder that ordinary citizens can make a difference in their communities, even in the face of challenging circumstances. While the government may need help to keep up with the demand for road repairs, Dixel’s actions show that individuals can take action to improve the state of their neighbourhoods and create positive change. His story inspires all who believe in the power of community spirit and the importance of taking action to make a difference.

Photo by Anja Bauermann on Unsplash

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