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Johannesburg water successfully links Hursthill 1 and Northcliff reservoirs



Johannesburg Water completed the linking of reservoirs

Yesterday, Johannesburg Water completed the linking of reservoirs in Hursthill and Northcliff, which will positively impact the water supply in the Commando System. According to Engineering News, the entity recently concluded the linking of reservoirs, marking a crucial intervention to enhance and ensure a steady water supply to the struggling Commando System, which consists of the Brixton, Crosby, and Hursthill reservoirs.

The completion of this project is part of Johannesburg Water’s ongoing efforts to address the challenges associated with the poor water supply to the Hursthill 1 reservoir and the ageing infrastructure in the region. Recognizing the need for improvement, the Langlaagte Depot initiated this vital project, which aimed to resolve the issues with the water supply by establishing a connection between the Hursthill 1 reservoir and the Northcliff reservoir. The project commenced on April 1 and reached its successful conclusion on May 5.

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Through careful analysis and modelling, officials determined that linking the two systems would provide a viable solution. The water supply in the area can be significantly enhanced by connecting the struggling Hursthill 1 reservoir to the stable Northcliff reservoir, which boasts a sufficient bulk supply. This development comes in response to the frequent depletion of the Hursthill 1 reservoir, primarily due to supply challenges from Rand Water, the bulk water supplier responsible for providing water to Johannesburg Water for distribution to consumers.

To establish the connection, technicians installed a 315-mm-diameter water pipe link at Long Road and Eighth Street in Newlands. This new link integrates the existing 600-mm-diameter and 450-mm-diameter distribution steel pipes, ensuring a seamless water flow between the reservoirs.


Completing this intervention is integral to Johannesburg Water’s comprehensive mitigation strategies to address water outages and improve the overall water supply. This project, specifically designed to enhance and secure a stable water supply to the Commando System, demonstrates the entity’s commitment to overcoming water supply challenges and ensuring the well-being of residents in the region.

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Picture: Unsplash / Catt Liu

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