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JRA & Sandton Central partner to keep traffic lights on during load shedding



Sandton Central Management District -JRA and Sandton Central keep traffic lights on during load shedding

The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) and the Sandton Central Management District have teamed up to launch the Traffic Signal Secondary Power Initiative. This initiative aims to keep traffic lights functioning during load shedding at major intersections in Sandton Central. This initiative involves sourcing power from adjacent building owners, with Investec being the first participant. The generator resources provided by Investec will power the intersections at Grayston Drive and Rivonia Road, as well as Grayston Drive and West Road South, with roadworks already underway to connect these two busy intersections as reported by BizCommunity.

The Traffic Signal Secondary Power Initiative entails a redesign of the signal wiring to allow for a secondary power connection to the nearest adjacent property, which the JRA will carry out.

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Participating property owners will then enable the necessary connection to their backup power system, whether solar, generator, or UPS, to ensure that traffic lights can function during load shedding.

Elaine Jack, district improvement manager of Sandton Central Management District, has expressed her belief that this initiative will provide much-needed relief to motorists and make Sandton’s roads safer for everyone. She also feels privileged that their contribution will positively impact Sandton’s road users. Charles Cilliers, the Johannesburg Road Agency Board chairperson, is pleased that many businesses are joining hands with the JRA to improve the city’s traffic mobility during load shedding. He sincerely thanks Investec, one of the first corporate citizens to share their resources with all City of Joburg road users, to ensure better safety and uninterrupted traffic flow on Grayston and Rivonia.


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Photo: Facebook / @Sandton Central Management District

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