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“We Serve a Life Sentence,” Says June Steenkamp After Oscar Pistorius’ Parole



Oscar Pistorius' parole

June Steenkamp and her late husband had endured heartbreak since their daughter was killed on Valentine’s Day in 2013. The source of her pain is Oscar Pistorius’ parole. According to IOL, Pistorius was released after serving almost nine years for Reeva’s death. He claimed he mistook her for an intruder when he fired several shots into the toilet, killing the model and law graduate.

A statement was released for herself and her late husband, Barry. June said their lives changed forever on the day Reeva died. “The day South Africa lost its hero, Oscar Pistorius, and the day Barry and I lost our precious daughter, Reeva, at Oscar’s hands,” June said. “Now, almost 11 years later, the pain is still raw and real, and my dear late husband Barry and I have never been able to come to terms with Reeva’s death, or the way she died.”

Over the years, June and Barry found encouragement in the love and messages of support from friends and strangers. She expressed gratitude to those who carried them through the difficult years but mentioned the sorrow they felt for the parents and families of victims whose perpetrators were not brought to book.

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While grateful to the media, June highlighted the double-edged sword of intense coverage of Oscar’s trial, imprisonment, and parole, leading to a loss of privacy and difficulty in mourning peace. She emphasised the emotional abuse they faced from some members of the public. She wished people would consider the impact of their hurtful comments.


June said Pistorius’ release on parole affirmed their belief in the South African justice system. The conditions imposed by the parole board, including anger management courses and programs on gender-based violence, send a clear message that gender-based violence is taken seriously.

Addressing the question of justice for Reeva or whether Oscar served enough time, June said, “There can never be justice if your loved one is never coming back, and no amount of time served will bring Reeva back. We, who remain behind, are the ones serving a life sentence.”

Looking forward, she desires to live her last years in peace, with a focus remaining on the Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp Foundation to continue Reeva’s legacy. The Department of Correction Services confirmed that Pistorius is back home, admitting him into the Community Corrections system and monitoring him until the expiry date of his sentence in 2029.

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