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Lack of improvement in water issues persists



Residents of Heidelberg have expressed frustration over ongoing water supply issues in certain parts of the town. The problems began in February, and despite efforts to resolve them, the town has continued to experience sporadic water supply.

Initially, there was confusion over who was to blame for the issues, with Rand Water and the Lesedi Local Municipality (LLM) pointing fingers at each other. However, after testing was carried out, it was determined that Rand Water was responsible for the problem.

Despite efforts to fix the issue, new problems have continued to arise, including pipeline issues, vandalism, a lack of maintenance, and load-shedding. In addition, one of the reservoir’s booster pumps flooded, causing further delays in restoring the water supply.

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However, there is some good news for residents as the water supply pressure has started to improve in recent weeks, thanks in part to Rand Water’s assistance in setting up a temporary bypass. Nevertheless, there was another drop in water pressure at the end of last month, causing further strain on the reservoirs.


The LLM’s sewage and stormwater manager, Star Moholobela, has been monitoring the situation closely and testing the water supply to Heidelberg on a daily basis. Meanwhile, residents and business owners have been calling on the LLM mayor and executive committee to take action, as the ongoing water problems are having a significant impact on local businesses.

Source: Water problems not abating

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