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Law Enforcement Targets Spaza Shops



Law Enforcement Targets Spaza Shops

In a recent law enforcement operation in Brakpan, authorities closed fifteen spaza shops, collaborating with stakeholders to ensure compliance with legal regulations. The Brakpan police, in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Health, conducted the operation to emphasise adherence to food safety and expiry date guidelines.

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During the operation, 25 spaza shops were inspected, resulting in the closure of 15 establishments, with some food items removed from shelves. Additionally, 80 individuals were searched, leading to three arrests for illegal immigration. Three taverns were visited, and one was closed, with an owner arrested for violating the Gauteng Liquor Act.

Constable Audrey Buthelezi, Brakpan SAPS Sector 1 manager and communications officer, affirmed the commitment to enforcing health and food safety laws in the Brakpan policing jurisdiction to prevent food poisoning incidents. Despite community concerns about the closure of nearby spaza shops, authorities emphasised the health risks and stated that closures were in the community’s best interest.

Confiscated food items were disposed of in a waste truck and destroyed by the Environmental Health Department. The move follows an increase in concerns about spaza shops following food poisoning incidents, particularly among children consuming contaminated or expired products.


The City of Ekurhuleni has warned about the potential health risks of purchasing counterfeit and expired food products. Environmental health practitioners in the city have heightened inspections at food handling premises, urging the public to buy food only from establishments holding a Certificate of Acceptability. This certificate is displayed in the shop or produced on demand, indicating compliance with food safety requirements.

Residents of Brakpan can report concerns about the sale of unsound or unsatisfactory food products to the Brakpan Environmental Health office at 011 999 8148. The enforcement measures aim to safeguard public health and prevent further incidents of food-related illnesses.

Source: Police clamp down on spaza shops

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