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LinkedIn cuts 700 jobs, shuts down China app



LinkedIn - LinkedIn cuts 700 jobs, shuts down China app

LinkedIn cuts 700 jobs, shuts down China app. LinkedIn, the social media network catering to business professionals, has announced it will axe 716 jobs out of a total of 20,000 employees as reported by BBC News. The company’s CEO, Ryan Roslansky, stated that the move aims to streamline operations and serve emerging and growth markets more effectively. The decision comes amidst a backdrop of layoffs in the tech industry, with firms such as Amazon, Microsoft (LinkedIn’s parent company), and Alphabet also announcing job cuts in the past six months.

The cuts will affect LinkedIn’s sales, operations, and support teams. However, the company has also stated that it will create 250 new jobs as part of the restructuring plan, and those affected by the layoffs will be eligible to apply for these positions.

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Furthermore, LinkedIn has announced it will phase out its local jobs app in China, called InCareers, by 9 August. This move comes after the company mostly withdrew from China in 2021, citing a “challenging environment.” However, the firm will still maintain a presence in the country to assist companies that hire and train employees outside of China.

LinkedIn is the only major Western social media platform operating in China. The firm had consented to comply with the Chinese government’s regulations to enable its operations in the country when it was launched in 2014. In the year 2021, US Senator Rick Scott condemned LinkedIn’s decision to comply with the Chinese government, labeling it as a “gross appeasement and an act of submission to Communist China.” He expressed his criticism in a letter directed to LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky and Microsoft’s head Satya Nadella.


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