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Makhubele: Consequences for MMCs Skipping Public Participation



There will be consequences for MMCs who have been absent from public participation sessions, warns Colleen Makhubele, the council Speaker of the City of Johannesburg.

In a letter addressed to Mayor Kabelo Gwamanda and several MMCs, Makhubele demands accountability for their absence from 17 sessions held over the past month as reported by Eyewitness News.

These sessions serve as vital platforms for the city to engage directly with residents and foster communication.

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Shockingly, only one mayoral committee member has consistently attended these sessions, which Speaker Makhubele deems unacceptable. She stresses that the MMCs should be actively involved in addressing the intricate details, such as the affairs of Region G.


To address this issue, disciplinary action will be taken against the non-attending MMCs. Speaker Makhubele clarifies that the disciplinary process will be thoroughly examined and forwarded to the appropriate committee, such as the ethics committee, to ensure proper handling of the matter.

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Photo: Facebook / @Colleen Makhubele

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