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Superfan ‘Mama Joy’ Makes Memorable Visit to Benoni



mama joy visits Farrarmere Primary School

Mama Joy’s visit to Farrarmere Primary School on November 3 filled the premises with joy and excitement. Known as a passionate sports fan, Mama Joy was warmly welcomed by students and staff. She has gained recognition for her unwavering support for the Springboks in the 2023 Rugby World Cup, even representing South Africa in France. In addition to her dedication to rugby, Mama Joy is a superfan of the national soccer teams.

The purpose of her visit was to celebrate the Springboks’ victory and honour passionate supporters like her. During the Rugby World Cup, students were encouraged to wear green and gold every Friday. As the Springboks advanced, they were challenged to outshine Mama Joy in showing their support. The school organised various activities, including speeches, songs, and dances, to mark the occasion.

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Overwhelmed with emotions, Mama Joy expressed her gratitude for the warm welcome she received from the children and staff. She was deeply moved by their smiling faces and felt proud to have represented her country while supporting the Springboks.

One Grade Four learner, Alexi Dandoulakis, shared her inspiration upon seeing Mama Joy on television representing South Africa in France. The visit was not only a delightful experience for the students but also a testament to the impact Mama Joy has had as a sports enthusiast.


Facebook users echoed their admiration and support for Mama Joy, emphasising her significance in South African sports. The welcoming atmosphere and warm reception showcased the profound respect and love the community holds for this dedicated fan, further solidifying her status as a cherished figure in the world of sports support and enthusiasm.

Source: WATCH: Super fan ‘Mama Joy’ visits Benoni

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Picture: Facebook / Farrarmere Primary School


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