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Marshalltown Fire Victims Face Eviction From Shelters Amidst Uncertain Times



Marshalltown fire victims face eviction

The Marshalltown fire victims face eviction from the temporary shelters they’ve been residing in, resulting from a blaze just over a month ago.

In the earlier part of this month, the residents in the southern part of Johannesburg took to the streets in protest, according to eNCA. They were attempting to prevent the relocation of the fire victims into their area.

Consequently, authorities moved the victims to various shelters. But they are now in limbo, forced to evacuate these temporary accommodations. No clear plan is in place to guide them through this challenging transition.

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Taking action, human rights activists reached out to President Cyril Ramaphosa. Their request was straightforward: assistance or the formulation of a plan to aid those affected by this tragic incident.


Andy Chinnah, a dedicated activist, expressed his deep concerns regarding the living conditions in the shelters. He emphasised that these conditions are far from ideal. His point was that the affected individuals were left without a clear plan when disaster struck.

Chinnah underlined that these victims do not want to endure life on the streets. He underscored the urgent need for a swift solution to alleviate their predicament.

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