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Mining-Focused School Unveiled in Mohlakeng



Mining-Focused School Unveiled in Mohlakeng

Gauteng Education MEC Matome Chiloane inaugurated the Phahama Maths, Science, and ICT School of Specialisation in Mohlakeng on August 31, ushering in a new era in education. According to the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) spokesperson Steve Mabona, these specialised schools aim to go beyond the conventional educational model.

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These schools are envisioned to become beacons in their communities, nurturing highly skilled students prepared for the workforce, higher education, or entrepreneurship. The emphasis is on preparing learners for future jobs, some of which may not exist currently. Schools of Specialisation aim to equip students with skills closely aligned with the local economy. For example, the Phahama Maths, Science, and ICT School of Specialisation is situated in the Western Economic Corridor, where the focus industries include mining, archaeology, logistics, tourism, and manufacturing.

At this school, students have already demonstrated their ability to tackle challenges in the mining sector by developing innovative solutions. Even as early as grade nine, they’ve created a Network Time Protocol Server for accessing GPS signals and accurate time underground. They’ve designed an app to detect whether miners wear safety helmets, developed machinery models to advance mining processes, and exhibited a profound understanding of the sector’s operations.

The Gauteng Department of Education is excited about the prospects of Schools of Specialisation and anticipates achieving advanced educational outcomes. They plan to launch more such schools across the province to enhance students’ preparedness for future careers further.


Source: School specialising in mining officially launched in Mohlakeng

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Photo: Supplied by Randfontein Herald

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