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Judge Condemns Woman Seeking More Than R28,500 Maintenance for Two-Year-Old



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In a recent ruling, Judge Brenda Neukircher deemed a Pretoria woman’s bid for increased child maintenance for her two-year-old an abuse of court processes, leading to the dismissal of her application. Despite receiving R28,500 in child maintenance, the mother sought additional funds through a Rule 43 application at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria, according to IOL.

Asserting that maintenance should exceed R35,000, she claimed her husband owed her over R234,000 in arrears. Judge Neukircher rebuffed that the father neglected his financial duties, highlighting his consistent monthly payment of the child’s upkeep. The judge noted the father’s earnings of R81,000, supplemented by quarterly bonuses that occasionally elevate his income to R91,000.

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Out of this, he allocates R25,000 for his two sons from a previous marriage and R28,500 for his two-year-old, with the remainder covering personal expenses. “More than half his salary is utilised towards the maintenance of his three children. He has no notable assets of value and no notable savings,” Judge Neukircher remarked.

Meanwhile, the mother boasts an income exceeding R64,000, an annual gross bonus of R624,000, a rental income of R2,700, and savings totalling R400,000. The judge asserted that the mother’s financial standing outweighed the father’s and deemed her quest for additional maintenance excessive, describing it as an abuse of the court process. Consequently, the application was dismissed with costs.


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