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Nigerian Drug Dealer Confesses Kingpin Connection to Xolani



Xolani Khumalo, the esteemed host of MojaLoveTv’s Sizokthola show, has garnered immense admiration from the people of Mzansi. His recent episodes have mesmerised viewers and sparked important conversations surrounding his remarkable contributions as reported by iReport South Africa.

One particular episode stood out as Xolani successfully apprehended a Nigerian individual involved in the illicit drug trade, operating under the notorious drug dealer, Calvin. Calvin has gained notoriety for his drug trafficking activities within Johannesburg, where he supplies drugs to the city.

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During the arrest, Xolani fearlessly confronted the drug dealer, displaying unwavering dedication to his country. He passionately expressed his willingness to sacrifice his life for South Africa, emphasising that this land is his home and he will not tolerate anyone poisoning the nation with drugs.

However, Xolani’s heroic efforts have not come without risks. As he continues to dismantle drug operations, his life has been put in danger. Recently, Xolani and his crew encountered an attack in Rustenburg while apprehending another drug dealer. Concerned South Africans have rallied behind him, urging the government to provide state security and protection to ensure Xolani’s safety. They recognise his instrumental role in safeguarding the youth from the perils of drugs and upholding a clean and healthy nation.


The overwhelming support for Xolani Khumalo demonstrates the profound impact he has made through his television show. By fearlessly confronting drug dealers and exposing their illicit activities, he has become a symbol of courage and unwavering dedication in the fight against drug abuse. As the nation unites in support, we fervently hope that the necessary measures will be taken to ensure Xolani’s safety, enabling him to continue his invaluable work towards creating a drug-free society for future generations.

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