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Pretoria North to bid farewell to non-functioning streetlights – announces Metro



non-functioning streetlights

Pretoria North has been plagued by muggings, assaults, and robberies, with one contributing factor being non-functioning streetlights that create opportunities for criminals to operate under cover of darkness.

Recognising the urgent need to address this issue and curb crime, the Tshwane metro has launched a streetlights upgrade project in the area. The initiative aims to improve lighting conditions and enhance safety for residents.

According to metro spokesperson Lindela Mashigo, technician teams began repairs on May 30, and the work is currently ongoing. Mashigo acknowledged the reports of dysfunctional streetlights in Pretoria North and assured the public that the Metro had allocated resources to address the complaints received through the city’s customer management system.

Local ward councillor Yolanda Duvenage emphasised that fixing streetlights is long overdue. She highlighted the critical importance of resolving this issue, particularly during the winter, when darkness sets in earlier, making it unsafe for people to walk after work.

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Some community members have attributed the problem to homeless individuals who damage the streetlights to steal valuable components and wires, which they sell to sustain their drug habits. They suggested that scrapyards should stop buying these stolen elements to discourage such tampering with streetlights.

The latest crime statistics for January to March 2023 reveal a concerning % increase in common robberies by 21.1% in the Pretoria North policing precinct. Common assaults also rose by 32.7%, with the station recording 65 cases of common assault, the highest number since 2019. Many residents believe that malfunctioning streetlights contribute significantly to these crimes.

While some residents express frustration with the perceived lack of action by the Tshwane streetlight maintenance teams, Mayor Cilliers Brink highlighted the Metro’s commitment to asset protection. In the recent Tshwane budget speech, Brink announced that the Metro had allocated R245 million for this purpose. In addition, the mayor emphasised the need to incorporate technology and other measures into the city’s infrastructure to safeguard assets and combat the ongoing challenges of pylon collapses, cable theft, and vandalism.

The city encourages residents to report non-functioning streetlights by emailing [email protected] or visiting any City of Tshwane walk-in centres. By actively engaging with the community, the Metro aims to address the issue effectively and ensure the safety and well-being of its residents.

Source: Non-functioning streetlights will be thing of past in Pretoria North – Metro


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