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Pietermaritzburg Hospitals Disrupted as Protesters Block Entrances to Four Facilities



Hospitals in Pietermaritzburg, have been affected by an ongoing protest on Tuesday morning, causing disruptions to medical services and traffic in the area. Protesters have blocked Grey’s Hospital, Edendale Hospital, and Northdale Hospital entrances with broken bottles and burning rubble, as reported by The Witness.

Witnesses also saw them trying to block Town Bush Road, a major thoroughfare in the city.

As a result, motorists are advised to avoid the areas near the hospitals and use alternative routes until the situation is resolved. The protest is believed to be related to the hospital’s management or working conditions, but the authorities have not confirmed this.

To manage the situation, AET Security has dispatched its personnel to monitor the Grey’s Hospital and Northdale Hospital scenes.

The company’s spokesperson, Renee Veenstra, stated that the situation is escalating on Town Bush Road, with protesters setting fire to tyres and creating more obstacles.


It is unclear how long the protest will last, but the authorities are working to restore order and ensure the safety of the public and the hospital staff.

Meanwhile, patients and their families are advised to contact the hospitals for updates on their appointments and medical care. The protest serves as a reminder of the healthcare system’s challenges and the need for constructive dialogue to address them.

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

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