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Residents in Roosevelt Park Furious Over Pikitup Loaders



Pikitup loaders causing frustration in Roosevelt Park

Andries van Eck has become increasingly frustrated with the careless handling of the black bins by Pikitup refuse collectors. Recounting the latest incident, van Eck said he heard a loud noise outside and investigated, only to find that the truck had dropped a bin carelessly. He claims that this kind of handling is leading to bin damage. Van Eck pointed out that the neighbourhood’s pavements were wide, and there was no reason why the bins should be left to obstruct the road. According to Northcliff Melville Times, this issue with how loaders handle the bins poses a safety hazard to motorists, especially given that this street has many obstacles.

Ayesha Patel, another resident in the area, claimed that Pikitup had cracked both of her bins over the past month. Van Eck contacted the Northcliff Melville Times to see if anyone could do anything about this ongoing issue.

In response to the complaints, Pikitup spokesperson Anthony Selepe stated that the company would address the concerns with the team and responsible supervisor to ensure behavioural changes. He added that such behaviour has negative cost implications for Pikitup and causes reputational harm. The company will continue to educate employees about bin handling.

Selepe explained that Pikitup uses a stack method for collecting bins. One loader moves ahead of the truck to collect or stack the bins before the workers load the waste into the vehicle. Once the loaders empty the bins into the truck, one loader usually returns them to their owners or places them outside residents’ yards. Loaders must return the bins to the correct address by working with team leaders. However, this is only sometimes possible due to tight waste collection schedules and the fact that bin cleaners stacked bins in some areas in one place.

He advised residents to mark their bins to make it easier for loaders to return them to the correct address. However, suppose the loaders do not return or mishandle the bins. In that case, residents can contact the relevant supervisor or the depot to register their complaints.


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