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Seven-Year Saga Ends in Fine for Pitbull Breeder



pitbull breeder received a fine after seven years

The NSPCA has applauded that a pitbull breeder received a fine after seven years in Roodepoort, a landmark judgment after the organisation initially filed animal cruelty charges against him in 2016.

According to Algoa FM, Gershwin Perreira, the breeder, was found guilty on 59 counts of animal cruelty, marking the culmination of a saga that originated in August 2016. Then, the NSPCA, in partnership with the SAPS, executed a joint operation to rescue 16 dogs under Perreira’s custody.

The operation revealed the dogs in severely compromised conditions, with telltale signs of cruelty, such as severe scarring. Collaborating with the Roodepoort SPCA and local police, the NSPCA ensured it safely removed the animals and pressed criminal charges against the breeder.

In a recent ruling, the Roodepoort Regional Court decreed a penalty of R8000 or four years of imprisonment for Perreira, half suspended for a five-year term. This suspension is contingent upon Perreira refraining from further crimes against animals during this period. The court also banned him from owning or being responsible for any dog for five years.

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Inspector Michael Allen of the Roodepoort SPCA expressed satisfaction, noting the relentless pursuit of justice and the significant role played by the NSPCA, Roodepoort SPCA, and SAPS in achieving this conviction.

The NSPCA extended commendations to the courts for their perseverance in ensuring that justice eventually prevails, irrespective of the duration.

The organisation hopes this verdict sends a resounding message to those who engage in animal abuse. While national legislation for regulating animal breeding is absent in the country, the judgment’s impact should promote better treatment and living conditions for animals.

Nazareth Appelsamy, Manager of Special Investigations, emphasised that this ruling should encourage breeders to prioritise the welfare of animals and avoid compromising their conditions.

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Picture: Unsplash / LaCellia Pruitt

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