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Ntsiki Mazwai Slams Support for Katlego Maboe



Ntsiki Mazwai has called Katlego Maboe a loser amid his deadbeat dad accusations, adding that South Africans enabled him. Read more:

Poet Ntsiki Mazwai joined the chorus of criticism against Katlego Maboe by expressing her views on Twitter in response to his allegations of neglecting his parental responsibilities. The outspoken Miss Mazwai used her platform to dub Katlego Maboe as a “loser,” adding to the series of insults he has faced, as reported by Briefly.

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Mazwai’s tweet reacted to a post by MDN News, which highlighted the claims made by Katlego Maboe’s estranged wife, Monique Muller. The report indicated that Maboe was accused of failing to fulfil his financial obligations towards his son’s school fees.

The controversy surrounding Maboe escalated further when the insurance company removed all advertisements featuring him. This move followed Maboe’s public admission of infidelity in a video confrontation orchestrated by Monique Muller.

In the aftermath of these events, many individuals on social media, referred to as “netizens,” expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation. They criticised the notion that Maboe’s professional opportunities were affected due to personal matters being exposed without his consent. This sentiment highlights the broader discussion about the intersection of personal and professional consequences in the age of social media.


Ntsiki Mazwai’s comments on Twitter added to the criticism aimed at Katlego Maboe in light of the allegations of neglecting his responsibilities. The incident also sparked debates about the impact of personal issues on professional reputation in the online sphere.

Take a look at the Tweet below:

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