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Police Crime Prevention Initiatives Launched in Randfontein



South African Police Service -Randfontein

Crime prevention wardens and patrollers from the Randfontein Police braved the chilly weather on Wednesday, May 16, to take to the streets of Randfontein and its surrounding areas, delivering a strong message that they are committed to fighting crime.

This proactive approach follows a significant parade held at the Randfontein Police Station, demonstrating their preparedness to tackle criminal elements in the future.

Speaking at the parade, Vispol senior commander Lieutenant Colonel George Mamohe emphasised their intention to target and address problematic areas associated with crime.

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“Our aim is to saturate the town with our presence, with particular attention to crime hotspots such as shopping malls. Criminals have been taking advantage of people, conducting robberies during daylight hours. As a result, we have instructed our members to closely monitor the situation at Village Square Mall and Station Mall, both located in the CBD,” stated Mamohe.


In addition to the malls, police members will be deployed to the Spar on Main Reef Road due to reports of battery theft occurring in the parking area. Mamohe expressed concern over incidents where individuals park their cars only to find their batteries stolen upon their return.

The Randfontein Police are dedicated to taking proactive measures to combat crime in the area. By increasing their presence and vigilance, they aim to create a safer environment for the community. Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious activities to the police, as community involvement is crucial in the fight against crime.

Source: Wardens, patrollers issue warning to criminals in Randfontein

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Photo: Facebook / @South African Police Service

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