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Thabo Bester Latest News – A Getaway Car, Arrested by Chance, Stolen Bodies



Police expect to make more arrests in connection with Thabo Bester

Police have arrested two suspects linked to Thabo Bester’s prison escape and expect to make more arrests, according to national police spokesperson Brig Athlenda Mathe.

Authorities in Tanzania arrested Bester, his lover, and a Mozambican national, who reportedly assisted them.

According to TimesLive, Police believe that Bester and his lover tried to have a getaway vehicle in Zimbabwe. Magudumana allegedly drove a luxurious Mercedes-Benz to Zimbabwe through the Beitbridge border post. The car reportedly featured fake Zimbabwean licence plates, and she abandoned it before returning to South Africa on foot.
Senior police sources told the Sunday Times they arrested the couple by “sheer chance” due to a routine police roadblock.

In the weeks before Bester allegedly burnt to death in his prison cell, Magudumana stole three unidentified bodies from Free State mortuaries. She illegally obtained the bodies over several weeks, with two believed to have been for Bester’s previous failed prison break plans. Police also arrested Magudumana’s father, as police suspect he has some connection to three unknown bodies that Magudumana allegedly stole from Free State mortuaries.

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Picture:  Twitter / AdvoBarryRoux

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