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BRICS Prosecution Bodies Pledge to Strengthen Collaboration



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As outlined in a joint statement following the fifth Meeting of BRICS Heads of Prosecution Services, prosecution bodies from BRICS nations have pledged to strengthen cooperation and combat transnational crimes. According to SANews, the meeting focused on “Strengthening international cooperation in respect of complex transnational crimes, with an emphasis on asset recovery.” The commitment involves promoting good relations, sharing information, and fighting transnational organised crimes per international agreements. The nations also agreed to enhance their collaboration in economic crimes, illicit financial flows, cybercrime, and recovering stolen assets.

In their commitment, the BRICS nations pledged to increase the effectiveness of the fight against economic crimes by exchanging best practices and sharing knowledge on emerging trends. They emphasised the need for collaborative information-sharing networks to combat illicit financial flows, support investigations, and ensure the recovery of stolen assets. The countries also pledged to exchange information, legislative texts, and methodologies for countering transnational organised crimes, utilising information and communication technologies effectively.

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Additionally, the BRICS nations committed to cooperating on legal assistance in criminal matters, establishing registers of nodal points for international cooperation and asset recovery, and exploring opportunities for mutual capacity-building through training programs and sharing best practices. They also highlighted the importance of implementing United Nations resolutions on combating cybercrime and using information and communication technologies for criminal purposes. The joint statement emphasised that lack of cooperation would undermine sustainable development, justice, peace, and stability.

Recognising that no single country can prevent and control transnational organised crimes, the nations stressed the crucial role of international cooperation in containing cross-border crime. The statement concluded by expressing concern that a lack of cooperation could breed impunity and undermine the better lives of citizens. The sixth meeting of BRICS Heads of Prosecution Services will be hosted by the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation in 2024.


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