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Rabie Ridge Residents Call on City to Repair Fallen Wall at Sports Stadium”



Rabie Ridge Sports Stadium

The community of Rabie Ridge is expressing concern about the current state of the Rabie Ridge Sports Stadium. While the city maintains the fields of the sports complex, there’s a significant issue with a fallen wall that has remained unrepaired for over a year. This unrepaired wall threatens athletes and visitors and jeopardises the facility’s infrastructure. The fallen wall has been left gaping at the corner of Rietduiker Road and Still Avenue, serving as an entry point for people, including sports fans, instead of using the facility’s gate. Given the area’s high crime rate and other social issues, this situation presents a serious problem, as it could invite criminals to access the stadium and commit theft. Calvin Batham, a community leader in Rabie Ridge, is outraged by the city’s response, claiming that blaming the residents for the damage is unacceptable.

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“The wall has been broken for months, and the residents have reported it to the city multiple times, but nothing has been done to fix it. The residents would never destroy a facility built for them and their children to be a better vision of themselves through sports,” Bantham said. The urgency to repair the wall is paramount, as it poses a significant danger to everyone. The sports facility is a hub for essential community projects, school sports competitions, and football matches. It even served as a training field for teams during the 2010 FIFA World Cup after undergoing upgrades to meet FIFA standards in 2010.

However, the sports complex has faced its fair share of challenges. It was closed in 2016 due to a lack of funds to complete the stadium but was fortunately reopened in 2018. Yet, the residents fear the sports complex might face closure again and struggle to recover if the city fails to address minor issues like the fallen wall. The community firmly believes that neglecting such problems could permanently close the stadium, depriving the community of a vital resource for sports and recreation.

Source: Rabie Ridge community urges the city to fix a fallen wall at Rabie Ridge Sports Stadium
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