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Randpark Ridge Resident Advocates for Road Upgrade Instead of Patchwork Fixes



Residents of Randpark Ridge are calling for an upgrade to CR Swart Drive, a road plagued by potholes and flooding. Philip Meyer, a resident of the area, has started a petition to force the city to resurface the road, which he believes has not been upgraded since it was built as reported by Time Live.

Meyer argues that the road needs to be widened, given proper drainage, and have sidewalks added at a minimum. According to Meyer, “potholes keep forming every time it rains and take weeks to months to repair, causing dangerous driving conditions for motorists.”

Rory Keenan, an estate agent in Randburg, echoes Meyer’s complaints about the state of the roads in the area, calling them “terrible” and arguing that temporary patchwork only creates “uneven bumpy surfaces.”

Keenan adds that money wasted on repeated patchwork could be better spent on resurfacing.

JRA spokesperson Bertha Peters-Scheepers says the agency will inspect CR Swart road this month to determine a response plan.


However, Meyer and Keenan argue that the road is dangerous and in desperate need of an upgrade, given the increasing traffic volume and development of high-density estates in the area.

Meyer’s petition has garnered over 2,100 signatures, hoping to force action from the city.

Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

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