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Tshwane Garden Waste Site Ignites in Flames, Prompting Safety Concerns



Rooihuiskraal Tshwane Garden Waste site caught fire

A portion of the Rooihuiskraal Tshwane Garden Waste site caught fire Saturday night, raising concerns about its safety and prompting a swift response from emergency services.

A resident, Jocelyn Reida, residing across the site, reported noticing the fire around 21:30. “I went to the balcony and I saw smoke and a fire at the dumping site,” Reida described. First responders and a fire truck arrived promptly, with efforts to combat the blaze underway.

It isn’t the first time fires have affected the place. Residents are concerned about the area’s safety during windy seasons. They fear that fires start at any moment, posing a potential threat to the surrounding community.

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The locals highlight the potential outcomes of a large-scale fire at the site. These consequences include power outages and disruptions, underscoring the need for heightened safety measures.


Deputy Chief Charles Mabaso, spokesperson for Tshwane Emergency Services, reported receiving the initial report around 21:45 on Saturday. Firefighters worked diligently to put out the blaze. However, at 10:15 on Sunday, a notification indicated that the fire had reignited.

Mabaso indicated that while the cause of the initial fire on Saturday night remains undetermined, Sunday’s fire might have resulted from smoking embers reigniting. Authorities are actively monitoring the site to prevent further damage and the reoccurrence of fires.

Source: Section of Rooihuiskraal Tshwane Garden Waste site caught fire on Saturday night

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Picture: Pexels / Pixabay

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