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Samsung Enhances Smartphone Model with Real-Time Translation Feature



Samsung Enhances Smartphone Model with Real-Time Translation Feature

Samsung Electronics is set to introduce a real-time call translation service using AI technology next year. This feature will be incorporated into the new Galaxy flagship model, offering real-time translation in both audio and text during phone calls.

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Samsung aims to make cross-language communication as simple as “turning on closed captions,” even for non-Samsung smartphones as reported by Briefly.

The AI-driven translation will operate on the device, ensuring secure private conversations. While analysts view this as a significant technological advancement, questions remain about the speed and quality of real-time voice translation.

Additionally, Samsung is actively developing its generative AI model, Samsung Gauss, for language, code, and image applications across a range of products.


The company emphasises the privacy of its AI systems, assuring that private conversations stay on the user’s phone.

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