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Health officials continuously tracing source of cholera – Says Phaahla



source of the cholera outbreak in Tshwane

Health officials are investigating are attempting to find the source of the cholera outbreak in Tshwane, focusing on the chance of inter-provincial transmission associated with travel. The bacterial disease has killed 24 people over the past two weeks, with most deaths occurring in Tshwane and one in the Free State. Poor water quality in the capital city is the suspected cause. Still, the exact source of the outbreak is still unknown.

As per Eyewitness News, Minister of Health Joe Phaahla provided details on the first reported case involving a 56-year-old man who travelled from Musina, Limpopo, to attend a three-week police training course in Hammanskraal. The man developed symptoms of diarrhoea and abdominal pains on his fifth day in Gauteng, leading to hospitalisation.

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While it remains uncertain whether this individual was the source of the cholera outbreak, Minister Phaahla emphasised the importance of considering possible sources during the ongoing investigation. The patient is currently in stable condition, receiving medical care.

The Department of Health has stressed that it can only determine a definitive source for the outbreak after it has completed the investigations. Therefore, efforts are underway to trace the origin of the cholera germ and identify any contributing factors.


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