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Tshwane Boosts Health Initiatives in Underprivileged Schools with New Vehicles



Tshwane received new ISHP vehicles

Tshwane has received a boost in advancing health outcomes in disadvantaged schools by adding new ISHP vehicles. Gauteng MEC for health and wellness Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko handed over seven of these integrated school health programme vehicles to municipalities across the province on February 14.

Nkomo-Ralehoko highlighted the ISHP’s role in improving access to comprehensive health services and breaking down barriers to education for learners. The vehicles will enable school health teams to conduct regular health screenings and educational activities, promoting health awareness among students.

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Specifically, Tshwane has received one ISHP vehicle as part of this initiative. Nkomo-Ralehoko outlined the allocation of cars to other districts, aiming to increase the fleet to 27 in the next financial year. Additionally, she observed school health nurses administering the human papillomavirus vaccine to female learners, protecting them against cervical cancer in the future.

The HPV vaccination campaign targets girls aged nine and above in public primary and special schools until March 20.


Source: Tshwane receives new wheels to advance health outcomes in disadvantaged schools

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Picture: Facebook / Tshwane District Health Services

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