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Ga-Mothibi Clinic Expands Services to Benefit North West Community



Ga-Mothibi clinic

The opening of the Ga-Mothibi clinic in North West, Deputy President Paul Mashatile highlighted, signifies a reiteration of the fundamental right to human dignity and essential services. Per SANews, Mashatile presided over the inauguration of the Ga-Mothibi Community Health Centre, highlighting its significance in enhancing service delivery to the community.

“The Ba-Ga Mothibi Community Health Centre stands amongst the best in our country, and I would even dare to say, on the African continent. I am honoured to be part of today’s important gathering in celebrating another milestone in the improvement of service delivery to our people through the official opening of this centre,” said Mashatile.

The clinic’s establishment aligns with the Thutsa Lerole Accelerated Service Delivery Programme in Sekhing Village, within the greater Taung Local Municipality in the Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District.

Mashatile applauded the North West provincial government for their commitment to job creation and expedited service delivery, a core component of the Thuntsa Lerole Intervention.

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The Thuntsa Lerole Intervention is closely aligned with the District Development Model (DDM), an approach designed to address service delivery challenges by fostering collaboration among all levels of government, from local municipalities to the national government.

“The DDM enables all spheres of government to plan better, budget, and implement projects and programs. Communities will undoubtedly benefit from more integrated service delivery due to this commitment and collaboration directed by the DDM.

“Accelerated service delivery, like the Thuntsa Lerole Programme, is not a luxury but a necessity. It is a human right, as enshrined in our Constitution. It is the key to unlocking the full potential of our communities and ensuring a brighter future for generations to come,” Mashatile stated.

He also highlighted the critical importance of healthcare. There have been strides. However, the introduction of the National Health Insurance scheme has been slow. The healthcare system faces overburdened public hospitals, staff shortages, and unequal access to quality care.

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