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HPCSA Raises Concerns Over Surge in Fake Doctors, Receives 300 Complaints



rise in fake doctors

The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) has raised concerns about a rise in fake doctors, receiving over 300 complaints about alleged bogus medical practitioners this year.

According to CapeTalk, the issue has prompted discussions about the legitimacy of medical professionals, with about 136 alleged bogus doctors arrested in the past three years.

Recent high-profile cases, such as TikTok ‘doctor’ Matthew Ladni, have drawn attention to the risks posed by these individuals.

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The HPCSA emphasises public vigilance and encourages patients to request a doctor’s registration with the HPCSA and their registration number to ensure qualifications and competence.


The South African Medical Association notes a trend of fake doctors emerging during and after the pandemic, stressing the importance of protecting the public from misinformation by unqualified individuals posing as health experts on social media.

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