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Health Department Claims Bed Capacity Sufficient Amid Public Outcry



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The Gauteng Health Department responded to claims of too few hospital beds and overcrowding at Jubilee Hospital. Social media posts depict patients sleeping on the floor and benches at the Hammanskraal hospital. They also claim a lack of food and medication.


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The department refutes these claims, urging complaints to be channelled through proper avenues. According to spokesperson Motalatale Modiba, an overflow ward was established in December to address bed shortages. While casualty wards don’t have beds, the hospital provides short-stay beds for observation.

Modiba attributes overcrowding to population growth and the hospital’s service to parts of North West province. He reassures that patients receive adequate meals and plans are underway to enhance patient experience through structural improvements.

Source: Health department says beds are enough, amid outcry

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