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New Facility Catering to the Local LGBTQI+ Community Officially Launched



Itireleng Clinic in Dobsonville

The Department of Health has inaugurated a dedicated centre within the Itireleng Clinic in Dobsonville, Soweto, exclusively to provide specialised care for LGBTQI+ members.

This key populations centre has been meticulously tailored to address the unique needs of key population groups. It signifies a significant step towards creating a more inclusive and equitable healthcare system, free from discrimination based on sexual orientation or preferences.

MEC for Health, Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko, emphasised the importance of this initiative. The centre will prioritise workshops and staff training to equip healthcare professionals with the skills and understanding needed to address the distinct challenges LGBTQI+ individuals and other vulnerable groups face.

Furthermore, this centre will serve as a hub for research and data collection, aiding in developing targeted interventions and policies to eradicate discrimination within the healthcare system.

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Nkomo-Ralehoko stressed that the centre’s establishment fosters a safe environment for vulnerable groups, ultimately encouraging timely healthcare-seeking behaviour. This initiative is part of a broader strategy across Gauteng province, which will establish five key population centres across various districts, including Vosloorus, Tshwane, and West Rand.

Dr Thulani Mhlongo, an activist who advocated for LGBTQI+ legislation nearly a decade ago, expressed his satisfaction with the centre’s launch. He noted that one of their primary recommendations at the time was to sensitise healthcare professionals and establish healthcare centres that cater to the LGBTQI+ community.

Mhlongo praised the MEC for her ongoing efforts in creating an inclusive healthcare system. He emphasised the importance of continuing to educate communities and the government about the needs of LGBTQI+ individuals. Establishing centres like this in communities is a significant step toward ensuring that LGBTQI+ individuals can access essential services freely.

The Department of Health plans to launch the final key population centre in Sedibeng next month, further expanding the reach and impact of this initiative.

Source: Designated facility for local LGBTQI community launched


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