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Cutting-Edge Johannesburg Surgical Hospital Set to Open in September



Johannesburg Surgical Hospital

The “future of healthcare” is almost in Johannesburg. After years in the making, the Johannesburg Surgical Hospital will finally open its doors at the end of this month. According to 702, the hospital strongly emphasises technology, patient experience enhancement, and specialised medical expertise.

It’s positioning itself as a premier centre for surgical and rehabilitative care. The hospital is all set to cater to patients across all of Africa. It boasts an impressive capacity of 150 beds, 13 state-of-the-art theatres, and a team of 36 specialists. It aims to deliver top-tier private surgical services.

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Advancements in medical technology have enabled less invasive surgical procedures. The hospital has assembled a team of experts. They specialise in various surgical disciplines to elevate service quality and patient care. The institution is also committed to cost-effectiveness, preserving patient dignity, and fostering healing.

Dr. Jaco Strobos, an orthopaedic surgeon, highlights the significance of minimally invasive surgery. He also mentions the hospital’s technological prowess. This technology includes the Da Vinci Robot, a first for Africa. This development represents a significant leap in the capabilities of surgeons. It’s poised to revolutionise the healthcare landscape.


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