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South African Biopharmaceutical Manufacturer Biovac and EuBiologics Announce Groundbreaking Partnership



partnership between Biovac and EUBiologics

Trade, Industry, and Competition Minister Ebrahim Patel has warmly welcomed the recently unveiled partnership between Biovac and EUBiologics. Biovac is a top South African biopharmaceutical manufacturer, and EuBiologics is a global biopharmaceutical company headquartered in South Korea.

SANews reports that this groundbreaking partnership centres on the transfer of technology for a Meningococcal Meningitis pentavalent conjugate vaccine, marking a significant stride toward advancing global health equity outcomes and strengthening vaccine production sustainability in Africa.

The official Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Biovac and EuBiologics was signed in Cape Town, coinciding with the 24th Annual General Meeting of the Developing Countries Vaccine Manufacturing Network (DCVMN).

The event, jointly hosted by Biovac, brought together key global partners, stakeholders, and vaccine manufacturers worldwide, underscoring the global commitment to health equity and vaccine accessibility.

The partnership represents a promising development for Biovac, enabling the local manufacturing and distribution of a critical vaccine across Africa, where the demand is most pressing.


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Meningococcal meningitis, a potentially life-threatening bacterial infection, poses significant health risks worldwide, with the highest unmet medical need concentrated in sub-Saharan Africa’s meningitis belt.

The resulting vaccine from this collaboration will protect against various strains of the disease, including the emerging serotype X.

Minister Patel expressed his optimism and full support for the partnership, stating, “We are pleased that Biovac was able to enter into an arrangement with a South Korean-based company for a vaccine that would be suited not only for South Africa but for our continent, particularly at a time when Africa is on a journey to vaccine manufacturing self-sufficiency.”

He also stressed this collaboration’s potential global and local impact, expressing hope for enhanced global public health. Patel added, “This is the beginning of the collaboration between the two companies, but I am hopeful that this will lead to an improvement in global public health, capacity building of an African manufacturer, and most importantly the impact on lives in Africa, where the disease burden is highest.”


The Department of Trade, Industry, and Competition is committed to supporting such impactful collaborations and fostering a climate of innovation, health equity, and economic growth within South Africa and across Africa.

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