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Two Johannesburg Hospitals Receive ‘Pre-Termination Notices’ for R30m Electricity Debt



pre-termination notices

Two Johannesburg healthcare facilities, Helen Joseph Hospital and Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital, have received pre-termination notices for unpaid electricity bills, with a combined debt exceeding R30 million. According to news24, City Power initiated a “cut-off operation” targeting 10 businesses and residents on Thursday. Among those disconnected was Telkom, which owes almost R3 million due to payment defaults in 2021, according to City Power spokesperson Isaac Mangena. During this operation, City Power also visited the two hospitals, Helen Joseph and Rahima Moosa. Helen Joseph Hospital is in debt to City Power for R23 million, while Rahima Moosa owes over R7 million. The utility has warned that failure to pay within the next two weeks will result in immediate disconnection.

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The Gauteng health department had not responded to the situation by the time of this report, and their response will be added once received. This development follows reports that both hospitals faced water shortages in Johannesburg last month. Due to dry taps, workers at Rahima Moosa Hospital even brought their water to work. The health department stated that the water supply had stabilised after a few days, with water tankers and borehole water assistance.

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Picture: Facebook / City of Joburg

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