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Metro States Cholera Outbreak Not Linked to Rooiwal



source of the cholera outbreak

The source of the cholera outbreak in Hammanskraal is not linked to the Rooiwal wastewater treatment plant, says the Tshwane health department.

The department has warned against misinformation regarding the source of the recent cholera outbreak.

This announcement comes after messages doing the rounds on social media suggested that the source of the recent cholera outbreak can be traced to the Rooiwal wastewater treatment plant and that the Tshwane metro bears culpability.

The outbreak has since taken more than 23 lives.
MMC for Health in Tshwane, Rina Marx, urged residents to rely only on official sources for information and to avoid spreading unsubstantiated claims.

“This will help prevent unnecessary panic and ensure that all facts regarding the Hammanskraal cholera outbreak are based on facts with evidence,” she said.


Marx said a multidisciplinary intervention between local, provincial and national governments undertook water testing efforts from taps, water tankers, boreholes, bottled water, rivers and streams.

“No evidence suggested that the source of the outbreak is linked to Rooiwal.”

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Marx said the city reaffirms that the National Department of Water and Sanitation commissioned the water research commission to undertake an independent investigation into the cholera outbreak.

She said the investigations included, among others, microbiologists, epidemiologists and engineers to assess the functionality and compliance of waste management systems.


“Laboratories accredited by the South African National Accreditation System were brought on board to test samples for toxigenic vibrio cholera and other bacteria.”

Marx said, however, the findings of the independent investigation in July concluded that it remains unknown whether water was a source of the cholera outbreak.

Marx cautioned residents against spreading disinformation from unverified sources.

“The health department remains committed to executing its municipal health services mandate which includes monitoring water quality and availability.

“This work includes water sampling, testing, and mapping water sources concerning pollution and contamination and protecting water sources,” she concluded.


Source: Source of the cholera outbreak not linked to Rooiwal, says metro

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