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DA calls for investigation into ‘shambolic’ African peace mission that embarrassed South Africa



South Africa got embarrassed on the global stage

South Africa got embarrassed on the global stage as its ill-fated participation in the African peacekeeping mission to Ukraine and Russia turned into a shambolic endeavour.

The Citizen reports that the trip faced a major setback when Poland, a key ally of Ukraine and the USA, grounded the South African flight due to incorrect documentation and the presence of undeclared dangerous weapons.

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s security chief accused the Polish government of sabotage and racism. In contrast, the Polish authorities defended their actions, highlighting the unauthorised items on board.

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The Democratic Alliance criticised the President, holding him accountable for the wasted taxpayer funds and the disgrace brought upon the country.


The opposition party vowed to pursue parliamentary questions regarding the trip’s cost and the security detail accompanying the President.

This incident raises concerns about the administration’s competence but also risks South Africa’s reputation on the global stage, further fueling its potential isolation.

Despite the criticism, Ramaphosa maintained that the peacekeeping mission had a significant impact.

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