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South Africa Joins the International Human Frontier Science Program



The International Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) has recently welcomed South Africa as its newest member. The organization is dedicated to funding research grants and fellowships in frontier life science for scientists and postdoctoral researchers starting their careers as reported by IOL.

South Africa’s induction followed the endorsement of the HFSP board of trustees in December last year, making it the first African country to join the program. Pavel Kabat, the HFSP secretary-general, expressed excitement about South Africa’s membership and hoped to expand their collaboration to advance frontier life science in and across the African continent.

HFSP President, Shigekazu Nagata, is also optimistic about South Africa’s participation and believes that the high-quality life science research in the country will significantly contribute to the science supported by HFSP. South Africa’s membership in the HFSP offers its researchers significant opportunities for the best research grants and fellowships in frontier life science, with the chance to serve as principal investigators on research grant teams and apply for fellowships in host labs worldwide.

In addition, as a member, South Africa will have representation on the Board of Trustees, the Council of Scientists, and the Review Committees, which select the best proposals for science and fellowships. Membership in the HFSP is expected to promote innovation and transform the research system in South Africa, ensuring that Africa becomes globally competitive in frontier research relating to life sciences.

The HFSP is the only international organization that provides funding for research grants and fellowships specifically for cutting-edge basic research without preliminary studies or data.


Photo by Lucas Vasques on Unsplash

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