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Soweto Theatre Hosts Musical Concert Honoring June 16



Promotional poster for "Embo: Remembering and Re-membering Our Essence"

Soweto Theatre presents “Embo: Remembering and Re-membering Our Essence” to commemorate June 16.

The Arts, Culture, and Heritage Directorate of the City, in collaboration with Soweto Theatre, is proud to present a special commemorative dialogue and musical concert titled “Embo: Remembering and Re-membering Our Essence.” This event, scheduled for Sunday, June 25 at 6pm, aims to use the power of music and meaningful conversations to reflect upon the significance of June 16 in South Africa’s history as reported by Joburg Newsroom.

Vincent Motau, the General Manager of Soweto Theatre, emphasises the importance of Soweto in the month of June as the nation pays tribute to the historic moment of June 16, 1976. This year, people from all walks of life and different parts of Johannesburg will unite in Soweto to honour the brave youth who fought for their rights during the apartheid era.

Recognising the pivotal role of music in the June 16 uprising, it is only fitting to employ it as a powerful tool for reflection, paying tribute to the selflessness and sacrifices of the 1976 generation.

The program will feature an intergenerational dialogue, allowing young people to engage with Mme Antoinette Sithole, sister of the late Zolile Hector Pieterson, who will provide an authentic firsthand account of the events that unfolded during the protests.


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“Embo,” meaning “return to our essence,” will showcase a lineup of artists inspired by South Africa’s cultural heritage, using music to reconnect audiences with their African roots.

A talented multi-instrumentalist and composer, Volley Nchabeleng, known for drawing from the cultural wealth of the African continent, will take the stage during the event.

Also performing is Banned from the Land, a dynamic two-piece band consisting of Amandla Akhona and Xhanti Nokwali. They harness the rich South African cultural heritage to create musical experiences that bring us closer to our essence.

Vuyisile Mshudulu, Director of Arts, Culture, and Heritage in the City, explains that the dialogue aims to stimulate critical discourse among the youth on important matters that drive positive change in the country.


The City is committed to creating platforms for meaningful conversations that transcend the mind-numbing content often witnessed in popular discourse. Museums play a vital role as centres for critical engagement, allowing essential topics to take prominence in national discussions.

Motau expresses his excitement for the event, highlighting Soweto Theatre’s esteemed status as one of the township’s premier performing spaces. Through “Embo,” the theatre on Bolani Road in Jabulani is thrilled to contribute to remembering the country’s origins and providing a space where local youth and those from across the nation can realise their potential and aspirations.

The event is open to the public free of charge, but pre-booking is essential due to limited space. For more information on “Embo,” please visit the Soweto Theatre website at or call 0861 670 670 to secure your tickets.

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